Excel Agro Value Chain Nigeria Limited (www.excelagrovc.com) is an E-commerce (marketplace) platform set up specifically for the sale and purchase of Agricultural produce (Sales of food items), Agro allied trading (Sales of agric equipments) and provision of other agricultural services which would include and not limited to; sale and lease of farm estates, General agricultural, Food & Beverage advertisement from hotels, restaurants and sundries.

For backward integration, our platform would collaborate with our Multi-purpose cooperative outfit; “CONFLUENCE CYCLE”. Emphasis would also be placed on investing in female farmers on our platform (Through our cooperative outfit).


Excelagrovc is a spine-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA, “MIT Beyond Food” Bootcamp held in Taiwan with focus on general agriculture, agro-allied business and general business ventures. The Food Bootcamp focused thematically on food sustainability, transparency and health. It explored the breadth and diversity of the food life-cycle journey from growing food sustainably, food innovations, processing, health and wellness and all the way to agricultural waste and recycling.

We would work through the process from the farm gate via value addition to taking Nigerian agricultural products in particular and Africa in general (Raw and Processed) to both the local and international markets. Our proposed model is going to facilitate the emergence of a strong and self-sustaining agricultural economy in which the private sector would ultimately be the leading engine of growth for the Nigerian economy.  

The platform will give farmers and agro merchants/dealers a better opportunity to have direct access (from their stores on our platform) to sell their products to their final consumers (Buyers) profitably without interruptions from the middlemen. Also, consumers (Buyers) will have the advantage of shopping cheaper and seamlessly on our platform.  We are also going to provide credit facilities (Food items only and not cash) to hotels and restaurants that are registered on our platform through our Multi-purpose cooperative society at a premium. By doing this, we are solving three key problems that affect farmers;

  1. Decongesting the farmers unsold farm produce (Storage issues).
  2. Post harvest loss.
  3. Access to viable markets (By bypassing costly intermediaries and using our platform).

We are going to link the entire agricultural value chain from production to marketing through our platform thereby enhancing market access between producers and consumers by eliminating the middlemen. We are going to operate a multi-stakeholder model that is going to increase the cash income of local farmers.

The platform was basically set up due to farmer’s inability to access appropriate markets to sell their produce profitably courtesy of the unscrupulous activities of the middlemen.

The platforms engagement by users (Store owners) would be on a FREE SUBSCRIPTION BASIS so as to be visible on our platform.  But for high level marketing and visibility (Boosted marketing) on a global scale, store owners will have to pay (Yearly subscription) to engage customers profitably.

We were inspired after researching and observing the unending plight of the rural farmers who after putting all their time and energy; yet cannot improve on their living standard and that of their family members due to poor sales of their farm produce after harvesting courtesy of the middlemen in particular, post harvest losses and natural disasters. We would guarantee equitable profit margins to store owners and quality service delivery to buyers on our platform.

Our delivery (Dispatch system) channels would be top notch and always ready to meet customers expectations.


Our mission is to create wealth for our smallholder farmers, store owners and investors through our platform and embark on backward integration thereby creating value from the farm gate to the final consumers at both the local and international markets.


Our vision is to be the best investment in the industry by providing food sustainability and client satisfaction.



          S   Sustainability

E   Empathy

          E  Empowerment

D  Diversity


We’ll work with our farmers on maintaining economic stability of farms and helping them Improve their techniques and quality of life.



Being there for our farmers in hard times to listen, and be an organization that they can count on.


Creating a sustainable farm model to help in the empowerment of rural communities registered on our platform with emphasis on empowering female farmers.


Promotion of better teamwork through gender, religion and ethnic participation in farming.  


Our competitive advantage is our ability to aggregate smallholder farmers into vital cooperative groups to overcome the constraints that hinder them from taking advantage of their business as it empowers economically weak farmers by enhancing their collective bargaining power on our platform. Also, our backward integration policy, processes and systems will guarantee us traceability for product safety, participation by cooperatives farmers and good quality of produce. We are currently the first agricultural based e-commerce platform of choice in Nigeria.

We will collaborate with our cooperative farmers and other agencies so as to guarantee food sustainability and traceability by providing inputs to farmers registered on our platform.



Core Service:

Provision of a reliable online platform strictly dedicated for the sales of agricultural produce, agro-allied and merchant trading.


  1. Other Services:
  2. Farm portfolio investments.
  3. Agro-Consulting.
  4. Provision of credit lines to Hotels and Restaurants (Food stuffs only, not cash).
  5. Linking farmers to off-takers.
  6. Advertisements.
  7. Directory for plant, animal and commodity trading experts e.g Agric extension workers and Veterinary Doctors.
  8. Aggregating smallholder farmers into cooperatives and leveraging on backward integration.
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